Make a difference in the lives of Peruvian children by volunteering in a childcare center or orphanage. Volunteers help out by organizing activities, playing with the children, and making sure they are safe and happy.

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Teaching English

Learning English is important in Peru as it provides more opportunities for Peruvians. Your knowledge of English will help those who otherwise would not have the chance to study English.

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Music Project

Help out at our Music Project, where you can share your talents in Music with children who generally do not have the chance to learn and appreciate the joy of music.

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Sport Education

Share your knowledge and love of sports with Peruvian children by teaching them new games and sports! This project requires patience and good preparation to ensure that you have all the materials and equipment needed to instruct them.

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Jungle Conservation

While working in the Amazon Jungle you stay a lodge and do important work protecting and taking care of the environment such as reforestation, animal care and observation, and working directly with locals.

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Animal Care

Peru has zoos and animal programs that are generally underfunded, with animals lacking the proper care. Helping out at our Animal Care Project will give you the chance to take care of animals in overburdened facilities or dogs on the street.

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Physical Therapy

Volunteers who participate in the physical therapy program will be working with either the elderly or with children who need your talents but cannot afford to pay for physical theraphy themselves. 

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Dental Care Program

Use your expertise in dentistry to help brighten the smiles of children in Peru! Many kids do not have access to dental care and need professional work done. In this project you will work closely with a professional dentist who supervises the program.

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