Methodology and Philosophy

Our goal is to teach you Spanish

We use an innovative, result driven methodology which we continue to refine. Reflection is an important part of our job and both the teacher and the student are asked for input. It is important that our courses are not only developed by the teachers but also by the students' opinions, difficulties and questions.

Teaching another language is not only about the transmission of concepts; the student also has to apply the concept, both verbally and in writing. Spanish grammar is very extensive and from our experience we know the frustrating gap between 'school Spanish' and the Spanish of everyday life. Understanding everything you have been taught does not mean you are able to apply all the rules and vocabulary while speaking. We help you get there!

Listen, Understand, Speak!

Together with teaching grammar, our interactive method is focused on teaching you to listen, understand and speak. Therefore we use materials other than the standard grammar book such as articles, movies, music and newspapers. Our teachers speak to you from the very first moment only in Spanish in order to drive you to think in Spanish from the start. Included in every course is what we call 'Practical Spanish' in which you leave the classroom with your teacher to practice the studied theory in the street.

You will also get even more conversation practice and an interesting view on local culture during our exchange conversation program with local Peruvian university students.

Personal Assistance

Finally, we also offer unique personal assistance. Included in every course is our daily tutor hour, lead by our academic director. During this hour we can help you with personal questions that you might have and we keep an eye on your personal development at the same time!

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