Spanish Classes in Peru

Peru is considered one of the easiest places to learn Spanish because Peruvians have a clear and smooth way of speaking that facilitates practical conversation. Additionally, the warmth and friendliness of the locals creates a comfortable but real-life environment where you can practice your Spanish, regardless of your level, without feeling the least bit judged or intimidated.

To complement this advantageous native Spanish environment, PV Travel has created an easy method for learning Spanish that enables our volunteers and travelers to fully grasp the opportunity to quickly learn and practice Spanish during their time in Peru.

PV Travel encourages volunteers to take advantage of our Spanish classes. Our levels range from Beginner to Advanced Conversation and focus on practical conversation which efficiently improves your Spanish language skills. Depending on your level you will be placed in the appropriate class to receive the greatest benefit from your lessons. Our professional Spanish teachers and small classes ensure that every class is suited to your personal level, learning style, and grammatical and vocabulary needs.

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