Join us this summer and celebrate Inti Raymi!

Inti Raymi is the Inca Festival of the Sun, and it is still celebrated with fervor here in Cusco!

Every June 24th thousands of visitors and locals flock de Sacsayhuaman ruins to watch a recreation of the Inca festival. Afterwards, celebrations in the city last all night!

Semana Santa in Cusco

This week we are in the midst of Semana Santa here in Cusco. As a traditional city in a Catholic nation, this week brings events for worship and family to Cusco.

Cusco in the Sun

Few things are more beautiful than Cusco in the sunshine. Click through to see our dazzling Historic Center on a sunny day!

Market Life in Cusco

From the daily bustle of of San Pedro, to the relaxed weekend vibe in the Plaza Tupac Amaru, market life is an important part of the culture of Cusco and Perú.

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