Jimmy Mendoza

President and Co-Founder

Jimmy Mendoza was born in Arequipa, Peru but moved to Cusco when he was 10 years old. He studied Business Administration and Tourism at the San Antonio Abad University. After finishing University in Cusco, he was hired by a hospitality company in the United States allowing him to spend a few years living and working in the USA and opening his eyes to different world views.

While working in the USA, Jimmy studied professional English and also marketing at Gateway Technical College. During the 5 years that he resided in the USA, Jimmy worked at a variety of companies gaining experience in travel, tourism, retail, and client services. Jimmy is currently completing his master's degree in International Business Administration and Marketing at San Augustin National University.

Jimmy has dedicated a lot of time to organizing volunteer placements in rural areas in Cusco, Peru. He is very passionate about working with people, traveling, and helping those in need, especially children, in his country. Jimmy is an avid music enthusiast; as a hobby, he has played in bands both in Peru and in the United States. Jimmy enjoys uniting his two great passions (music and working with those in need) to bring the joy of music to children in need. He strongly believes that by maintaining a positive attitude and being open to the ideas of those around you, people can effectively work together to achieve goals and break boundaries. He attests to applying this belief in his daily life while working with his friend, Akhtiara, to make a change for the better in Peru.

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