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Why PV Travel?

At PV Travel we really want to make a change. That is why we have created the most affordable, fun and life-changing volunteer programs.

As former volunteers, we know what your expectations are and that is why we do not only organize your volunteer project in the best and most needy programs, but we also organize your tours here in Peru.

99% of the volunteers that come to Peru also travel around the country although finding affordable and good quality tours can be a time-consuming and difficult process. That is why here at PV Travel we give you the opportunity to arrive in Peru carefree with the knowledge that you will get to see everything you dreamed of at the most economic prices with top quality service. We will take care of your volunteer program, your housing, your meals, and your affordable tours in Peru (special prices for volunteers) so you are free to enjoy every moment you have in this amazing country.

A Life Changing Experience

Whether you will be working in childcare or a medical placement, teaching English, or any other program with us, you will be making a difference in the poor Peruvian reality. You will interact with poor, disabled, and sad children whose faces light up when they see you come to help them. The adults will make you feel welcome and will be extremely thankful for your help. It will be a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget.

Affordable Prices

Our principal goal is to be one of the organizations that works with the most needy people in Peru in order to try to change their lives for the better. But, of course, we need the help of our volunteers. That is why we make sure to offer quality, safe, and affordable programs for our volunteers and travelers.

We can maintain low prices and high quality programs because we are the creators of our volunteer programs in Peru. We are the in-country coordinators for many other organizations, our main office is in Peru, and our programs are considered the best ones there are! Please read our Testimonials for more information.

We will organize your volunteer placement and also, knowing that volunteers want to know the country, we will organize your tours in Peru at the cheapest price so you can have more money for shopping and fun while you are in Peru.

Real Volunteer Projects

We strongly believe that if you invest your money and your time into volunteering and traveling, after your long flight from your country, there must be something really worth it waiting here for you. At PV Travel we know which volunteer projects really need help from volunteers and we place our volunteers in these places so that you feel needed and satisfied. At the end of your volunteer time you will know that you have contributed to your project. Whether you come for a week or for an extended stay, we will ensure you really make a difference in Peru.

Quality Programs

As the in-country coordinator for many other international organizations and due to our commitment to our volunteers and travelers, we have arranged the most quality, safe and satisfactory volunteer placements, housing, and tours. We will never place our volunteers in a placement that is unsafe or of low quality. All of our projects, houses, and tours have been approved by the quality control organization in Peru. Also, we continue to develop new projects to help more people in Peru, with the same quality we have been offering these past years.

Taking Care of You

As soon as you register for our programs, we will contact you and from then on you will have 24/7 support until the day you finish your program with us. You will receive an informative Pre-Departure Package detailing everything you need to know about your volunteer placement and life in Peru. Meanwhile, you will also be assigned a PV Travel staff member who will be your point of reference until you arrive in Peru and throughout your project here. During your volunteer placement you will always have support close at hand through our PV Travel staff. Additionally, PV Travel will be in regular contact with you to ensure your volunteer experience and your tours are everything you expect them to be.

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