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Peru Volunteer and Travel is an organization that is committed to helping the people of Peru as well as the environment.
Every month we place many volunteers in a variety of professional projects such as physical therapy, dental, vision, nursing and medical...


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Tours throughout Peru

Enjoy the beauty of Peru with our tours to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Amazon Jungle, and many other places.
Our special Helping and Traveling packages allow you to both volunteer and travel to the most amazing sites in Peru.


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Make a Difference Volunteering in Peru

Contribute your skills and time by making a difference in the lives of Peruvians or by caring for the environment and animals.
Peru Volunteer and Travel offers many volunteer projects such as childcare, medical, dental, education, jungle conservation, and many more!


Spanish Classes

Spanish Classes

While volunteering in Peru, you can take the opportunity to improve your Spanish by taking classes that are specifically tailored to your Spanish level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, or would like special courses such as Medical Spanish or Survival Spanish, there is a course that will fit your communication needs.


Corporate Volunteer Retreats

Corporate Volunteer Retreats

Let Peru Volunteer and Travel organize your company’s volunteer retreat, that not only builds bonds and improves teamwork within your organization, but also allows you to make a difference and enjoy the wonders of Peru together!


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Latest Testimonials

  • " My trip with Peru Volunteer and Travel was awesome! I was only in Cusco for 2 weeks in August, but I was able to do all the tours and excursions that I wanted! It was so easy and PV Travel p... "

    Ryan, United States


  • " I had an amazing time with PV Travel. It was a great way to help others while being able to explore Peru. Our homestay was very accommodating and had excellent, Peruvian food. I really recom... "

    Kevin, United States


  • " This program is an excellent choice for those that seek to give a helping hand and who want to experience Peruvian culture. I had fun taking care of the kids at the daycare and felt blessed ... "

    Cajus, United States


  • " My volunteer experience has been amazing with Peru Volunteer taking care of all the details including those that I did not anticipate. Wish I could stay longer and pick up some Spanish and S... "

    Michael, United States


  • " If you are looking for a program that combines a homestay experience, volunteer work, and guided tours around the best there is to see in Cusco/Machu Picchu, then PV Travel is the perfect ch... "

    Gabriela, United States


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